HEy all, this is my first time here! First off, thanks in advance for the knowledge base and for any replies!

I run a local "out-of-my-garage" Business, and am now contemplating creating my online store. I want to have a lot of control over the site, and how it looks, everything. It's very simple with very few products, they just each require some options to be selected, which is where I run into trouble. I want it to turn out kind of like Apple's site. When you click on a product, and learn about it, then click "buy now" it takes you to a page to add options. I am looking for a solution that gives me this, I want to be able to add a buy now button, and from there select options, and add ons, and then purchase. On my end, I would get a notification of the purchase, which options and add ons, and all the usual. All I need is the add on, I have created the pages. Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I need my ecommerce solution to simply handle the transaction, and understand the options selected.

Once again, thanks in advance for any help you can offer me!