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Thread: Social bookmarking and social networking

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    Social bookmarking and social networking

    Though I have already updated my Facebook and MySpace links daily, I still haven't noticed some improvement in my web site traffic. I was informed from the perspective of SEO that social bookmarking is highly essential to a site so I had it done. Is Facebook and Myspace classified as social bookmarking? Do you know of the difference between social networking and social bookmarking? How can I attract traffic in my site? Is there anybody present here who has a list of social bookmarking sites that I could use for my own? Is there somebody that can tell me their opinions?

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    Social bookmarking is way to have ranking in SERP because some bookmarking site have good reputation in Google so back link from those site is very worthy.
    Social Networking is way to have refferal traffic because Google pick some result from social networking site and if you have trusted account in social networking sites then your submission will also top SERP

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    facebook is a social networking site. it only help you to increase your brand royalty . if you are looking to get visitor from them then it is totally time wasted work. you can use social bookmarking sites to increase your backlinks and improve your online visibility.

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    You could also try selling your service directly on Facebook.


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    Social bookmarking is different than social networking so if you will use social bookmarking then you can raise traffic and ranking.

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    What is social bookmarking?

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    Social Bookmarking

    Can someone give me a list of do follow social bookmarking sites?

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    Social bookmarking can increase your site's Google index and fast traffic if its index by google...

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    Social Bookmarking submission help in backlinks while social media in traffic.

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    Social Bookmarking refers to sites like "delicious". These sites are kinda like your browsers bookmarks system, but they let other users see what you are bookmarking & many of them let you see how many times a particular site has been bookmarked. They also build "groups" of sites that lots of people like or find useful. so doing a search for a topic on a social bookmarking site will return only results other users have bookmarked & since people usually only bookmark sites they find important, your results will usually be better although usually much more limited.

    Social Networking refers to sites like Facebook, Myspace & Twitter. Where groups of users visit the sites mostly to meet & stay in touch with friends & family.

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    Social bookmarking can increase your site's Google index and fast traffic if its index by google.

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    Most of the social sites are nofollow so they won't directly effect the ranking but they can be good source of traffic depending upon how active on social media

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    Social Bookmarking is for crawling you web pages with it's relevant keywords.
    Social Network is for promoting your business over Social Media site like Facebook, twitter etc.

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