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Thread: Which Software?

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    The software will create RFP, evaluate the reverse auctions, help you choose the right contract, manage invoices and will let you have better control over the telecommunication procurement process.

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    Maxbook is a unique and a perfect business management solution. It is the best retail inventory management software for small and large business that keeps your business maintained and run smoothly with the maximum sales opportunity. The bulk inventory management has always been a big challenge for the retailers. With the increase in the number of products, the inventory management procedure becomes more critical and complex especially in the case of retail businesses.

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    Hi bmorgan,
    In our company we are using various IT tools and software, which helps to track and manage inventories and provide successful deliveries.

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    yes, it depends on what you are looking for, what is the most important thing you want to focus...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmorgan View Post
    I manage a small company's warehouse and I have been tracking everything on paper. I have recently been given the go-ahead to purchase an inventory tracking software with no price cap. Which is best?

    We keep track of each part that comes in by lot number and receive date (receive date is optional), each part then is put into an assembly that is given a serial number. We want to be able to track by serial number all the parts that went into an assembly and which lot they came from, and vice versa - by entering a lot number for a part, we want to be able to track which serial number each part went into. We have to have traceability for every part, backwards and forwards, because we make Class 1 medical devices and are getting ISO certified.

    Am I asking too much? I tried Wasp Inventory Control but it just deducts parts from the total amount.


    Thank you in advance

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    I think you can hire a developer who will create some really nice software for you specifically. It is a great way to get the best for your business I guess, and you will surely like it. Think about it.
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    Today there are many solutions but i would recommend trying an open source solution like OpenERP the find a more advanced solution as you database grows.

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    you can try for your small business to manage all inventory Magento Magemob Inventory. This Extensions benefit is it is also working on your mobile.

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    Take some time to do a research

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    There are various types of tracking software are available in the market for tracking data such as OpenDQ, TeamDesk, Panoply, etc. You can use any of this software for your purpose.
    If you are interested to make various android applications then you may visit the best clone script service provider to make android applications.

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    Here I am providing a list of IMS:

    NetSuite ERP. Our Score 9.6. User Satisfaction 100%
    Vend. Our Score 9.5. User Satisfaction 99%
    Zoho Inventory. Our Score 9.4. User Satisfaction 100%
    TradeGecko. Our Score 9.3.
    Cin7. Our Score 9.1.
    Katana. Our Score 8.9.
    Orderhive. Our Score 8.5.
    QuickBooks Enterprise. Our Score 9.4

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