According to our recent survey, the biggest problems of people trying to market their business online are:

1. Converting leads to sales
2. Managing an online marketing system
3. Prioritizing time, energy and money for best results

The question "What is your greatest challenge with Internet Marketing?" is asked to thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs through the email lists, Facebook, and blogs.

This was an open-ended question and a wide variety of responses was received , however, the majority expressed wanting to learn to deal with the same three issues: lead conversion, an organized system for marketing, and managing time, energy and money for best results.

Here are a few selected answers of interest:

"Please just give it to us straight and try to remember when you first started and how overwhelming it was and so hard to believe it was true or not without actual proof."

"Just what is the best bang for the buck (time and $ investment)? From my observations, IMs (internet marketers) appear to be scrambling for the next big thing, and are trying to convince everyone else that they know what the next big thing is. "

"I struggle with keeping focus on high-payoff goals, looking past the hype and finding an affordable mentor who I trust to teach me the fundamentals."

"How to "chunk" things down so there are simple manageable steps. "

"Turning blog and newsletter subscribers into paying customers."

"Integration of all the good stuff (less the crap!) with the whole process."

"I, like others, I'm sure, need a step by step process as to what comes first, what's next, how to track, how to fix errors, how to work it all on a shoestring budget."

What about you? what's the one thing you need to learn the most to get great results from using the Internet to grow your business?

Just share.