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Thread: Difference between SEO and PPC

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    The things that we call as SEO and PPC share the same aim for all of us and this is all about getting us the right amount of traffic from the web.

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    Has this thread set a record for the number of users banned?
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    Could be, C0ldf1re, but who's counting? lol
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    Like a true warrior, Old Sarge, you can no longer count your collection of scalps!
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    The search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) is that traffic coming for SEO is free while traffic generated from PPC is not free.

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    PPC is the part of SEO technique. Search Engine Optimization uses a lot of optimization methods and techniques, while pay per click campaigns are techniques themselves.

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    PPC is the part of search engine marketing (SEM)

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    SEO refers for Search Engine Optimization. That means doing things to makes your pages appear as near to the top in search results as you can.
    PPC refers for Pay per Click. The usual method of advertising, where you buy advert space on other people's websites and you only pay for every time someone clicks on the ad.

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    you can get quick Result through PPC

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    Right! Unfortunately, PPC will also **** the money out of your pocket faster than a New York minute!

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    SEO: Cost of SEO is indirect. You cannot pay to get to the first page but you may have to pay for SEO services if you cannot do SEO yourself.

    PPC: You pay only when people click on your ad. You can use the Google keyword tool to calculate how much you can pay.

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    Please refrain from copy/paste of material from other sources, unless of course it's your original material ...

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    you can organically ranked you site through SEO and ranked your site with payment through PPC,

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    SEO is ethical website promotion while PPC is paid marketing techniques. http://bit.ly/2q5ryFK

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    Good point, but SEO, if done yourself, doesn't cost anything but time.

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