Hi there all,

One of the clients I'm working with has created a web based, text messaging communication facility called clempi (www.clempi.co.uk). It utilises a tried and tested mobile messaging system similar to related services, but without the associated costs or set-up hassles, so that organisations can communicate with their publics easily via an alternate method of communication, effectively widening their target markets. As it's quick and easy to set up and use, it's a great option for businesses who want to create, tailor and manage their own account without the middle-man.

The service is free to try as clempi gives members 100 clempi credits (1 clempi credit = 0.01) upon registration so that they can test out the various functionalities offered. Also very appealing, clempi doesn't have to cost anything to use unless an organisation chooses to pay for certain functionalities and even then, clempi offers a low cost, pay-as-you-go solution.

I want to get the word out about the facility and promote it more, but I am also keen to hear from people that the service is aimed at (i.e. businesses, volunteer groups, organisations, public bodies etc) to find out opinions about the site and service as a whole, the functionalities that are offered, the pricing etc?

It'd be great to hear some of your thoughts. Let me know if you need/want any more info in order to offer your input.