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    very informative post and most relvent responce , thanks for your reply guys

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    I recommend that beginner SEO-er should follow these:
    - Forum posting
    - SOcial sharing
    - Answer
    - Blogging.

    These steps are easy to follow and can get good backlinks.
    Thanks for reading.

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    There are many ways to increase traffic to your website. I want to suggest you some popular methods that I usually do to drive more traffic to my site.
    - Update your site with fresh and valuable contents and make sure that your contents aim at your targeted audiences.
    - Promote your site on several social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Quora. You know, 50% of my site visitors come from Quora so I thing it is a useful source to get traffic. Let's try it

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    i think social media channels are best for traffic , you can share you post or website on social media channels for getting traffic ,

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    Yes yahoo answers are really valuable just keep one thing in mind when you answering some ones question do no market your site or blog just answer the question and place a link in a source. It helps a lot in traffic generation.

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    Content can be more effective in retaining more traffic. And regular SEO techniques like:
    BLog commenting
    Article submission
    Infography promotion
    Classified promotion

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    You have to do effective social media marketing to increase your site traffic.

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    There are several ways to increase your traffic. To name a few, article submissions, blog commenting, smo, etc.

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    There are several ways to increase your traffic. you can increase your traffic through Social media channels and forums are also best ,

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    If you want traffic for long time so start SEO for your website with Social Media Marketing this is the best way to improve your traffic.

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    There are so many ways available to increase website traffic but for me it's Social media Optimization which increase traffic instantly.

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    Check out this cool article published by Moz. https://moz.com/blog/10-remarkably-e...riving-traffic

    One of the more interesting ideas was creating a map mashup with geographic data. Write an article or have some data handy on a topic your website is about and create a useful tool that users will likely reference and share. Utilizing geographic data and a maps API system, you can create a very cool tool on your site that combines the two in a graphical, fun-to-use and highly-linkable way. Even sites in the most boring of sectors can employ this strategy by mapping things like their own industry's stats from census data or concentrations of relevant physical locations.

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    SEO and SEM is the best methods to increase the traffic of your website.

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    SEO is a long-play, but can get you entrenched results and internet strength for your site.

    Some quicker hits include building an email list by offering free content available for the price of a user's email address. Keep adding content and collecting email addresses. Then compile and set up a regularly scheduled newsletter to this growing list.

    Also share content on all social media platforms, comment on influencer blogs and try to get opportunities for guest posts. If you can secure some links from some high-powered influential websites you should boost traffic considerably. Good luck!

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