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    Choosing a Blog

    I would like some input. I have a store at www.allergynaturalproducts.com.

    I would like to start a blog for the store. I am considering either using Wordpress or Blogger, or is there a better one? I would like some feedback. Which do you prefer and why. Any problems encountered with either one?

    I'm a novice so not alot of experience with blogs. I do have a personal one on Blogger, but since this is for a commercial purpose I am also interested in SEO and related marketing issues.

    Feedback would be appreciated.



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    nas05 -

    My personal opinion is that a lot of the choice boils down to personal preference. Each one will have its own pros and cons.

    As for SEO, blog importance is slowly deteriorating in the eyes of the search engines because of the 'market flooding' that people are attempting. This does not mean you'll be penalized. Only that it may not help as much as you'd like.


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    I'm using wordpress as it seems to be more professional, but it's all personal taste. Which going to SEO and after taking a look to your products, it all needs more keyword research rather than site optimisation. Are you using tools like Wordtracker and Keyworddiscovery to find appropriate phrases for your products?
    Article marketing could do fine in your case too besides of blog.

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    Thank you for your input.

    To reply to BEC, I have been doing alot of reading and have come to the conclusion that a blog would be good from a "information" perspective for my customers.

    Veikoh: I have been doing more research into Keywords, I have made some changes, but more work needs to be done. Did you see anything that really jumped out at you that I need to look at?


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    I like wordpress personally. It's extremely user friendly for someone that isn't familiar with the blogging process, for example if you have someone with your company that you want to write on the site but isn't computer savvy. They'll be able to pick up on it in no time.
    I am always looking for new business and franchises opportunities.

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    I write articles on a variety of subjects that range from literature to economics, to spirituality, to business and commerce, to philosophy, culture etc. Can I come across people through a blog? How? Please let me know? I am not adequately educated on creating a blog, a little behind in IT technology. I have used this forum with a keen desire of coming across people of technical expertize and to cash in on their expertise.

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    This is all really good information. One thing I would recommend is to have a product/company site and add a blog to a subdomain or subdirectory. Google, Yahoo, Live, and the other search engines love blogs because of the fresh content. Just watch out for annoying spammer who post irrelevant links and info. I have had great luck with cross linking between the blog and my website.

    How do you find interesting things to post on a blog? I go to Yahoo Answers and find good topics. I don't pitch services or products, but I do make the posts interesting. Also, give something away to attract users. I give away free icon graphics to people and they bookmark my blog.

    -Fat Gary

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    Blogs used to be powerful for bringing traffic but not anymore

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    Blogs are the best business tools ehere you can get connected with the users and express your thoughts and get their feedbacks. It can help you in increasing your SEO mileage and search engine rankings as well.
    Why Blogs?
    Next comes a question Where can post my blog ?
    There are many free blogging where you can post your content , get moderated and publish your content.
    Merits Of Blogs:
    Blogs supports business in many ways such as it drives traffic to their business. It helps you to promote your productas and services to the targeted audience. There are many other benefits in the blogs such as getting the current business updates. It is damn sure that automatically your products or services are promoted online among public viewers via these business blogs.

    Business Updates :-
    Yet another use of reading and writing blogs is to stay updated with the business trends. By providing current business updates, product information or new invention updates through blogs frequently, your business looks proficient in your appropriate industry

    There are many top digital marekting companies and freelancers who are using blogs as their main resouce to get website traffic and affiliate marketing.

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    perfect way of blogging is to out reach and then start contributing articles to authority sites.

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    Certainly, I am positive about this point is that creating a blog is the best way to get huge traffic to any website by sharing your blogs on social bookmarking sites as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KKenny View Post
    Many people have told me that a blog is a great way to create traffic for your website. I have a few questions. Are there websites for blogs and what type of information should you put on your blog? Does anyone have a good source for information on Blogs?

    Thanks for your help,
    Yes, the blog is a great way for gaining the traffic of the people on your website and here you can post your products with attractive images. First, you have to choose a product from your website and write a blog on it which you can post on the blog websites such as blogspot, wordpress, etc.

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    A blog can be a part of the website where you can share different articles related to your industry, news about your company or anything else to educate and entertain your readers. You can create a blog and start publishing articles there.

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