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Thread: PHP or ASP shopping cart / e-commerce solution?

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    Arrow PHP or ASP shopping cart / e-commerce solution?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the process of starting a new business (like many of you). It's going to be (1) offline/wholesale (supplying existing stores); (2) online (my online retail store) (3) eBay. Do you have any recommendations as for which language is "better" (if any) for an e-commerce solution? I'm thinking about things like programming cost, how easy it is to upgrade/customize it, flexibility, etc.

    I'd appreciate any comments very much. Thanks!


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    Go with php. Actually go with shopping carts available out there such as zen cart, x-cart, cube cart. Even better, go with hosted shopping carts. When you go with hosted shopping carts, you do not have to worry about technical issues, knowledge. You just do what you do best - marketing and selling.

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    cploonker, thanks for your reply!

    Could you give me some explanation as to why you would recommend a .php solution? I see many "serious" pieces of software out there in ASP, too, so I'm not sure what the implications are.

    Also, I do like having control over things like hosting, and I don't mind the technical issues, so I'm definitely looking for freedom to choose my hosting company. Last but not least, I'm looking for a thorough "all-in-one" solution, including accounting, crm, etc.

    I was really close to getting an x-cart. However, somebody has pointed out that it's still built on tables, and it seems like making a step backwards, if you know what I mean.

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    As a programmer I either use PHP or JSP for any Web programming work. What I like about JSP is the organization that I can create along with the use of NetBeans (my favorite IDE). Though these two things are missing in PHP I still develop most applications with PHP due to how fast I can get through projects using this language. PHP.net features very thorough documentation along with official examples and examples/advice given by the community users. I have not used any other language that has had as much support as PHP does.

    Since you are just starting out you may want to consider using an existing solution... it will be much quicker and less expensive. If you are certain that your business will do well and you want a custom solution built, use an experienced programmer you can have a long relationship with.

    It is going to be hard to find an existing solution that is pure css. By the way... while tables are abused they still have a place on Web sites if used properly.

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    Depending on the programmer, .NET is better. PHP is better, etc. While that can get into a very heated debate, I would have to say I prefer a Windows application. .NET actually now. Sure, I have to pay for it. And sure I might be contributing to Microsoft and supporting our capitalistic society, but I like them.

    I never have powered on a *NIX box. I was on a *NIX server back in 1996 / 1997 probably and when I needed to do something, the hosting company told me that I needed to be on a Windows machine. So I switched and never looked back.

    Comersus has a .NET application that you could take a look at. Is it better than Zen Cart - well, give it time you will probably have people tell you yes because it is not Microsoft.

    Look at what platform you are on now. And what does it support? Microsoft offers some solutions based on their partnership with Hewlett Packard. I have not used it but it might be an option (or not depending on its cost). Microsoft tends to charge for their products since they are in business and have overhead.

    As far as tables are concerned, you have to ask yourelf exactly what you don't like about them with the use of the cart. If it is being used to display tabular data, then tables should be used. If it is for the layout, then of course that it another argument. (It will be easier to locate people to argue against the use of them.) It seems that you don't want to use them which matters more.

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    PHP vs ASP

    I would say ASP is like German and PHP is like English....neither language is really better then the other. You can do great things with german as well as english...but it just seems it is easier to find more people who speak English :-) not a great reason....but i am just trying to say that...IMHO...it is easier to find PHP apps and more important programmers who can make change or who create modules in PHP.

    Of course...I just have more of a PHP background as well...so take my opinion as just an opinion ;-)

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    I think developing a shopping cart in php would be easy as you can find alot of help and also you can find alot of open source PHP shopping carts that can give you a better idea about how things work.

    But if you are looking forward to earn good money then develop in asp.NET using c#. Reason being, you can charnge higher rates for .net based applications

    I can offer you a partnership. I already have developed a very comprehensive ecommerce shopping cart system and I am looking fwd for a partner in UK, USA or Australia.

    If you like we can work together on very good business terms.


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    PHP vs ASP

    I agree with the majority here: Technically there's little difference between the two; both do very much the same things. But where free, open-source PHP takes the lead over Microsoft's ASP is in PHP's extensive documentation, ability to tack on self-made modules, highly interactive user community, etc.

    A good ASP programmer will be able to do anything a PHP programmer can do. But if you're not afraid of rolling up your sleeves and tinkering with your code, and if cost & flexibility is a factor (as you mention), then PHP is the way to go.

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    the only advantage I can see in ASP, which is VBScript, is that I think it's easier to learn than PHP is, due to its more verbose nature. It looks more like English and less like computerese. However if you have any kind of background in a language that has a C. based syntax, PHP will pose no problem.

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    Go with a hosted solution and don't be concerned with the programming. Utilize your time marketing/selling your products.
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