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Thread: iCode Everest or Netsuite? - Looking for an "all-in-one" small business solution

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    For some reason I am not able to send you a PM, but I would love that contact. I am john (at)

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    mutahman/Dom: The forum software is not allowing me to send PM. Do you have an email address to write to ?

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    NetSuite to QuickBooks Conversion and Data Backup

    We also compared ICode with NetSuite and ended up going with NetSuite. It's only been about two years and we have a significant amount of data stored in NetSuite. I've seen other postings on this thread about having so much data on-line in a hosted environment. We tried the .CSV data export from NetSuite however so much of the data "details" were missing we would be in big trouble if we actually lost our connection to NetSuite.

    I ran across this company that provides a NetSuite to QuickBooks data conversion service and signed up for a one year "QuickBooks Backup File" service. Once a month they connect to our NetSuite database and download all the data and convert it into a standard QuickBooks file. At the end of the year we have all of our Customers, Vendors, Accounts, Inventory, Employees and all historical transactions "backed up" into QuickBooks. It's worked out great. Their contact link is http:\\

    Also here's a link to another article about their NetSuite to QuickBooks services:

    NetSuite to QuickBooks Data Conversion
    We've been using NetSuite for about 3 years now with about 24,000 Inventory Items and Assembly's,
    64,000 Customer Accounts and almost 450,000 Transaction records (Customer Invoices, Receive
    Payments, Vendor Bill Payments, Checks, Journal Entries, Cash Receipts etc.)
    Currently we're using the SDSI NetSuite to QuickBooks Backup Services to backup all our NetSuite
    data to a QuickBooks file once a month. Can you contact the company and explore the option to have a
    NetSuite to QuickBooks "Audit" Service added as well? The company's website is
    When our team has attended the NetSuite conferences many of the SDSI users request a similar Audit
    tool so that we can find transactions that have been entered in NetSuite that match a certain criteria in
    QuickBooks. The SDSI monthly data conversion is very accurate however we have so much data that
    it's difficult to locate data using the NetSuite Search features. An Audit Service added to the SDSI
    NetSuite to QuickBooks data conversion service would give us the ultimate functionality between
    NetSuite and our QuickBooks backups.

    Hope this helps!

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    NetSuite to QuickBooks Data Conversion, Data Backup

    I've received so many call's about the arcticle on ZDNet for the NetSuite to QuickBooks Backup Service from SDSI so here's the link info:

    Also here's a link to the original article:

    This service backups all our NetSuite data including all historical transactions into a QuickBooks company file on a monthly basis. The NetSuite to QuickBooks data conversion is included in the service. Because of the many postings about problems with the NetSuite .CSV data export this option has worked well for us.


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    WOW, this is an educational thread. I've been in over my head researching accounting/ERP/ecommerce solutions for over a month now--and it is an exhausting process.

    Mutahman, thank you for your helpful reviews. I hope I can be as helpful to others as you have been on this thread.

    We are a small (under $3M) wholesale manufacturing and distributing company, currently operating on the dinosaur that is Quickbooks. It flat out stinks for inventory, and we need something more web-based now (multiple locations).

    While that all-in-one suite seems like a dream come true, it just doesn't look like it's out there yet. I'm OK with piecing it all together, but ultimately, we need:
    - GL, AR, AP, basic accounting (could leave on QB if we absolutely have to, ugh)
    - Ecommerce for multiple sites
    - CRM, but this doesn't have to be robust. We have a small sales staff.
    - Commissions tracking and reporting
    - Inventory/Warehouse Mgmt
    - Shipping integration
    - Customer Portal login
    - Serialize/bin/bar coding system

    Originally, we thought NetSuite was the best fix-all ever, but it sounds like there are still price-gouging issues, data-retrieval issues, and the fact that it's not open to google analytics is almost appalling!

    Other things we've investigated: - looks very promising, however, we received and email saying that they were not currently accepting new customers due to the overwhelming response. A good problem to have, I suppose. They must be doing something right. - a small company, but good alternative to NetSuite. Will now go investigate more. - also not accepting new customers at this time.

    Still have to go investigate some of the others mentioned here. I'll let everyone know if I learn anything promising or insightful.

    We currently have a non-ecommerce site built on ModXCMS, which I'm excited about in and of itself. It interfaces with FoxyCart, so that only one login is required for content management and catalog management. Both are opensource, which is also encouraging. FoxyCart doesn't look like it currently interfaces with Quickbooks, however, so I'm not hopeful about integration with other programs just yet.

    That not be very helpful just yet, but if anyone has any insight, I'm happy to continue to share what I learn along the way as well. Thanks to everyone who has shared here!

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    Lightbulb ERP Comparison and our insight to the solution

    Hello All,

    We have been dealing with ERP solutions for last 5 yrs and we have worked with major vendors in implementing their solution for small and medium business and yes its headache to evaluate these software's because of its depth and breadth.

    I have made a detailed comparison list of all the major ERP vendors out there and I hope this might help you guys as a snapshot of vendors.
    ERP Comparison for Small and Medium Business

    The right approach is to map your requirements to the products out there during evaluation process and that has really helped customers see the value. There is no software out there which is perfect and no solution which is "one size fits all".

    Whitek - According to your requirements the best suited ERP products for you is Interprise Suite and Everest Software.

    In Nutshell,
    a) Interprise is new in the market but has great advantage compared to others in terms of architecture and price.
    b) Everest is matured software with lots of feature cld be slightly costly but customers making 2 to 5M can afford.
    c) NetSuite it great software with lots of features but it may go over your budget

    Pls feel free to share your thoughts.

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    Hi whitek,

    I'd be interested in speaking with you. I just finished adding barcode, multiple warehouse inventory and some shipping support to Exponent, the all-in-one suite I've been hacking together for the past several years. I've been using it to ship books through the normal book distribution channel since I recently set up a publishing division, but maybe it would be helpful to someone else as well?

    Aaron Greenspan
    President & CEO
    Think Computer Corporation

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    Is Interprise + ASPdon'tnet really the answer??

    Last week in this forum (via a different thread) I learned that ASPdotnet and Interprise Suite are no longer working together. I have been trying to find more detail on this but neither site has any information (yet the ASPdotnet website now has NO mention of Interprise Suite on the site) and literally 5 minutes ago just called ASPdotnet to learn what is going on, and was told that Dan Van Kuren (their head honcho) was not in town and no one there had any info on this.

    Now that this "cart issue" has come to light, I will share with this long and informative thread, our experiences with Interprise Suite + ASPdotnet.

    If you read through this thread you can see that we are a Netsuite shop and were looking for a replacement to Netsuite simply because we continue to add the number of international websites we run, and Netsuite (as a cart) does not give us the most flexibility we would like to have AND cost is certainly an issue (because we run each international website through a different international company, which requires us to buy separate instances of NS and this is quite costly).

    so we have been on the search for a number of years, and looked SO many different ERP/e-commerce combos. Early in 2008 we chose Interprise Suites with the ASPdotnet shopping cart. Even though I felt at the time they were not ready for prime time, I knew we had 3 more years on NS and we could get Interprise/ASPdotnet set up to run one of our international sites, and as they progressed the software, we could add more sites.

    We chose to first set up out Canada website on IS/ASPdotnet and it didn't work properly (did not calculate taxes properly and there were issues with the CC gateway). After 8 months of working on the set up and issues, working with IS customer support, ASPdotnet's customer support and the gateway's customer support. we realized that we were getting nowhere, and the site that was scheduled to launch in July, then August, then Sept., then Oct.---was not ready to launch.

    So I contacted the IS and ASPdotnet guys and after a month of e-mails where they (a) said they would not provide a refund (b) said there were no issues that they knew of (c) said would work to fix the problems (funny because they first said there were no problems) at no cost to me.

    So a month and a half later, I have heard nothing back from them....I sent them a mail 2 days ago (copying ASPdotnet guys and IS guys) and have yet to hear back from them. In my mail I simply asked (a) for an update on the "fixes" and (b) for an update to the word on the street, whereby I'm hearing there is no more partnership between IS and ASPdotnet.

    So, obviously, I'm not at all happy with the fact that the software doesn't work (which I expected), but I am extremely dissatisfied with the fact that after 8 months we could not get a basic website to properly process orders and most dissatisfied that the companies have chosen to (seemingly) stop their working partnership without ANY notice to existing customers.

    Gary Harrison you may want to chime in here before it gets ugly.

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    Well hopefully they work somethings out but maybe it's for the better. I think it was a good idea to find a partner who already had a solid shopping cart but options are good too. It would be nice if able commerce or perhaps some open source cart paid some attention to IS but I can certainly understand why they'd hesitate to devote resources to what is still a "start up".

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    Quote Originally Posted by mutahman View Post
    Last week in this forum (via a different thread) I learned that ASPdotnet and Interprise Suite are no longer working together.
    Interprise never passed my "smell test". It is unfortunate that they seem to have great ideas, but poor execution.

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    Interprise did not pass my test of being market ready either, but based on what was working and the fact that the platform was .net and open source, and the fact that ASPdotnetstorefront was an established and reliable software, we figured we could get a couple of our smaller sites up and running on the platform, work with it for a year while we improved the system and Interprise came out with updates.

    When we tried to go live and there were issues, it seemed the issues were based on roadbumps between the cart and the system. They should be fixable, but now that ASPdotnetstorefront and Interprise are no longer "actively" working together (IE ASPdotnetstorefront no longer sells the I.S. version, and after speaking with Dan at ASP he confirmed they will no longer work on an I.S. version and the partnership is done) we are left here on an island, with no update/info from Interprise (despite me chasing them for 2 weeks now).

    What I am extremely pissed about is the fact that Interprise has made NO mention of this to it's customers, they still promote on their site that they have "a cart" but don't clarify if it's the ASPdotnet cart OR if they acquired the code from ASPdotnet OR if it's new code. what probably aggrivates me most is Gary Harrison and the Interprise people at the top always struck me as leaning towards the shady side (talking more then delivering) and I expected that to change somewhat after Taylor Corp. bought them in 2008. BUT, this current issue with the cart and the way they are handling in (or not handling it) is a indication that as a management team, the people who are currently running Interprise are clowns. Have the balls to tell us that there is an issue, that the partnership is done but you are working toward a solution. Don't hide in the weeds, because not only does hiding in the weeds turn-off your customers, it gets them talking negatively on boards like this...where many others read and are influenced by the posts.

    Now, let me tell you about my feelings on ASPdotnetstorefront. Dan did the right thing. I spoke with him on the phone, he explained the situation with me and agreed to refund me for the 3 carts we purchased. Because of this I am very willing to do business with them again, and WISH there was a back-end ERP system that tied into their ML cart. The way he handled this makes me want to do business with him again. The way Interprise is handling this, I want to see them dead.

    Through all of this, I'm very happy I have Netsuite. They signed us up for another 3 years, honored their contract with us (there was a clause in our original contract that they could only increase their price by X&#37 and even though I wish their cart had more flexibility and access to the code, they still (IMO) provide an excellent product for a company that is running a business not just a web business, but a B2B and e-commerce business.

    I hope that Netsuite finds a way to make their product more cost effective for the small business with multiple websites AND makes their cart more flexible/robust because after all this time I still believe they have the best solution in the market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mutahman View Post
    Because of this I am very willing to do business with them again, and WISH there was a back-end ERP system that tied into their ML cart.
    There is a back-end system that ties into AspDotNetStorefront. I know it does not have all of the all-in-one-system features that you are ideally looking for (such as a built-in accounting system), but it is real, has been around for about nine years now, is used by about 2,000 merchants, and is a heck of a lot less expensive than NetSuite. It is also written in a popular (although older) language, and shipped with mostly open sourcecode. I won't name the program, so hopefully this post won't get deleted. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I will add that it is my company's product. There is a section for it in AspDotNetStorefront's user forum, so you should be able to find it there.

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    Thumbs up Read Interprise Suite Blog for latest updates..

    Regarding Aspdotnet storefront, yes they did have a hiccup with licensing and support issues with Interprise Suite, but I guess that's all taken care of now and IS has its own ecommerce module called ISE, which makes it even easier for them to integrate more features ...

    Do read this blog about Inteprise for more updates on IS and its new version ..

    Any more questions do feel free to ask we are here to help ...

    Note: This thread started with differences between Everest and NetSuite and it turned into Interprise Suite, which shows that IS (Inteprise Suite) is becoming a prominent player in ERP sector and with its new version 2009 it will still grow stronger for small and medium business.

    We don't pitch just one product we look at your business requirements and pitch the right solution which fits your business and budget..

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    Wow, I had not been on the forum for a little while. Yes, Interprise has taken over the exclusive rights to the AspDotNetStorefront for Interprise Suite product which we have renamed to Interprise eCommerce. Having two companies provide the integrated solution was very problematic for our customers as they had to purchase two separate support and maintenance plans and were confused where Interprise Solutions left off and AspDotNetStorefront began. Even worse, customers often were bounced from company to company for answers to problems and customer related issues often fell through the cracks. We jointly felt that a single company needed to be responsible to simplify things for our customers and to be able to take the product to the next level and we appreciate AspDotNetStorefront's cooperation in making that happen. Because corporate policy require us not to discuss issues that are in negotiations, and to ensure that the IP of AspDotNetStorefront was properly protected, the final agreement took longer than expected. This unfortunately caused some alarm for our users.

    As infosource mentioned we are very close to releasing the 2009 version which will incorporate hundreds of improvements based on the feedback of our users. Also we have a second team of developers that are already working on the 2010 version but thatís all Iím going to say about that for now. Because this is important in todays economic climate, December was our second best month ever and we were ahead of projections in 2008. Our U.K. office reported that Janauary 2009 was one of their best months ever as well.

    Gary Harrison
    Interprise Solutions

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