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Thread: Welcome to the SmallBusinessComputing Forum

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    Welcome to the SmallBusinessComputing Forum

    Welcome to the SmallBusinessComputing forums! In addition to my role as executive editor of the Small Business Channel, I am small-business owner myself (my wife and I own a commercial printing company), so I know the challenges facing today's small and medium businesses -- like how to keep current with today's technology without spending an arm and a leg.

    That's why we're here. On our parent site, www.smallbusinesscomputing.com, we address these issues on a daily business: what technology to watch, where to invest your hard-earned dollars, and how you can solve your own computer problems.

    The purpose of these forums is to extend the discussions and help the small-business community to gather, compare notes, and share advice. These forums are for you -- please join in to discuss the issues of the day, ask questions, or share some nuggets of insight.

    And remember: both these forums and www.smallbusinesscomputing.com exist for you. Please let us know what you think about the forums and the Web site, and don't be afraid to make suggestions.

    Dan Muse
    Executive Editor, www.smallbusinesscomputing.com

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    Talking Shame On Me

    Dan, shame on me for not coming to these forums any sooner. Tonight I have spent a good amount of time viewing the content and the messages from the forum participants. Clearly, this is a "small business technology" environment. I have seen attempts at this type of effort in the past, but never with the level of knowledge, desire and drive expressed in these messages.

    I look forward to coming back often. I only hope my input is worthy and intelligent of the responses desired.

    Steve Windhaus

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    hey man

    plz dnt feel shame and guilty u are late to come here but u are more then welcome
    Imran Hashmi www.visionstudio.co.uk 0044-7969012441
    Imran Hashmi www.seo-professional.co.uk 0044-7969012441

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    Hi i dont know if i m in d right place i need help with the following
    is terminal services availabel on SBS2003 server?

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    Hi Ray,
    I believe Terminal Serviices do work with SBS 2003. However, you have to download Terminal Server.
    Here's a link to the download page:


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    Hi can any one help me i'm trying to setup a internet cafe, what do i need, i have at the moment 16 computers running xp, a router and broudband, but the computers are running quite slow as they are not that fast, what i would like to know is how would i go about setting up a main server so the other computers could run of the server, thanks for any help on this matter

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    If the pcs are slow, they'll be slow no matter what. IF it's the internet connection, then that won't be helped by a server either.

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    Maybe, this can be usefull. See, you have a site with technology, and it is great. Really. But I'd suggest having a page (or a hundred about MODELS of online business.

    For example, my niche is selling digital goods, ones, that do not require physicalk delivery (snowcron.com). As I am a programmer, I wrote everything myself, and definitely, reinvented the wheel many times. Because, there was no resource, where I could find info about what is already done in this area, how good it is, and how much it costs. So I decided, that looking in the Net, and trying each solution I found, is slower, then doing it myself.

    Well, you are in a unique position to change the situation. Wouldn't it be great to have a resource, explaining, how to (what are 2-3 best ways to) sell particular thing, online? So that newcomers don't have to do same research all over again.


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    Hello all, Im Doug from California

    I found this Forum thru a Google alert for the keyword AntiVirus.
    Looks like a great place to learn and listen. I can always use education in the ways of online marketing.

    Take care,

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    i want tobe buying recharge cards in nigeria,and selling it to the final consumer,pls how doi go abt it?

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    Thanks for setting up this forum. This is going to help me greatly. THANKS!

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    Welcome RustyGary! There is a wealth of information for the small business to be found here in the forums.
    Webopedia - http://www.webopedia.com
    Online Computer Dictionary

    ECommerce-Guide - http://e-commerceguide.com
    News, Reviews & Solutions

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    Thanks for setting this forum. I am an IT admin in a small company and this is a great forum.

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    Thumbs up Looking forward to active participation!

    Thank you for setting this forum up. A very user-friendly interface so far.

    This will help me get any advice I need on tech issues as well as chip in with suggestions I may have to help resolve issues faced by other members of this forum.

    Looking forward to active participation!


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    East Hampton, NY
    Welcome Clayton. We certainly look forward to your input.

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