Hi all,

I have a question regarding limitations in Quickbook Pro: We are a small e-business and have reached the max. number of customers and vendors in Quickbooks which is 14.500.

We tried to Archive and condense our database but that eliminates only a few entries. After talking to Intuit support, we were told that you can only archive and condense entries of customers if the product that is associated with this customer is not active anymore. So Intuit told us that the only solution is the Intuit Enterprise solution which starts at $2.500. Somehow I can not believe that quickbooks pro would not allow me to archive and condense a database according to customers only and not if the purchase of the customer was associated with a product that still exists in our store.

Does anybody has experience with this and might even know of a solution within Quickbooks? Or anybody knows of a product that we could use as an alternative?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,