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Thread: Let me know your opinion about my website

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    Let me know your opinion about my website

    Dear Friends,

    Let me know your opinion about my new website.

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    Highly recommend you get an American to proofread and fix ALL of the issues...

    I am Anvar freelance web designer and SEO Expert in Dubai.
    I am Anvar, I am a freelance....
    Hello, My name in Anvar and I am a freelance....

    Lower on the same Home page you write:

    I’m Anvar reliable, flexible and affordable freelance website designer from Kerala, India.
    That is like saying your last name is Reliable.

    You've spent too much time talking about 4+ years, over 5 years, more than 3 years experience..... Those are all SMALL numbers and are not impressive.

    You've left off a lot of punctuation.

    Do you know Why the company charges more for website ?
    They required office, rental, staff salary...etc. But as a freelancer I can work from any where with laptop
    1. There should be a period after laptop.
    2. Do you know why some companies charge more to build a website?
    3. They have more overhead of office space, equipment rental, staff salary....etc. But, as a freelancer, I can work from anywhere using a laptop.

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    Thank you @Steve R Jones

    For your greater feedback, I am revamping my website from your suggestions

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