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Thread: How to get dofollow backlinks for blog?

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    How to get dofollow backlinks for blog?

    I recently created a blog for Success tips and stories. Link is > Last Leader. I don't know how to get dofollow backlinks for it. Most of the sites are providing nofollow backlinks. Please suggest some tips.

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    Guest posting is a good way for link building. Type “[your keyword]” + “write for us” in Google, you can find some sites that accept guest posts. Choose the sites that work in your niche and send a mail to the webmaster to ask if you could contribute a guest post.
    You can check out this post which might be helpful for you: https://www.semrush.com/blog/using-g...ding-strategy/

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    For getting the do-follow backlinks, there are various social bookmarking and article sites who provide the do-follow backlinks such as Diigo, folks, Hubpages, etc.

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