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Thread: Which ISP do you use?

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    Which ISP do you use?

    Hi all,
    I am interested in knowing which internet service provider do you use for your home internet? I am particularly interested in hearing from people who use Third-party ISPs and your experience with their broadband and their customer service. Please indicate if you use DSL or cable, Thanks.

    As for myself, I want to stop using the ISP that I am currently using. I don't want to name them as it would affect their business ( I don't want that to happen ). I have been with them since 2010. As for their broadband about 2 years ago I had an issue where I was noticing a lot of lag while watching youtube videos. So I did a speed test and was not getting over 18 Mbps. I emailed their customer service and they had responded saying that I will have to upgrade my plans. I was not happy with their reply and decided to stop their services.
    Shortly after that, my mother was ill and I had to do the caretaking so I never took the time to shop around till now. But I have kept an eye on all the service providers all this time.
    I think that cable internet providers would be best for me but I don't know about their speed. I want to know more about them. Did anyone use their services before?

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    What City, State and or Country do you live in?

    It won't help you if I tell you about MY provider if you don't have access to them.

    Here is a very popular Speed Test site....There are many out there and you can compare the results to the speed you are paying for.


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