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Thread: What do you think about Binary options? are they legit?

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    What do you think about Binary options? are they legit?


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    I guess, it is a pretty nice way to make some extra cash from home. As for me, I have started trading using the brokers from https://xbinop.com Everything is really good for me so far. I would recommend you to try it out. But be very careful

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    Really have no clue. But would really want to try.

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    Bad idea. Sports betting is a promising direction in the Internet. Here you can try your hand https://bonus.co.ke/ The most important thing is forecasts for sports. YOU must correctly analyze the current situation in the sport and draw conclusions. Then you will succeed. I have a lot of experience in this business. I've been betting on sports for two years. During this time I won a lot of money and bought the house of my dreams. I'm my own boss now. That's cool! I achieved my goal!

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