My simple answer would be, a yes! I can find a number of never ending reasons to justify my answer. Let me explain three of them.

1. Quality

Online shopping portal keep improving day and night, and hence works forward in a direction, to provide us with best quality of goods and services, and even replaces them for us, in case we are not satisfied with quality, which is not possible in the case of physical stores, because they do not have a wide variety of products, to replace them from.

2. Offers

Traditional brick-and-mortar stores provide us with limited number of offers, if any. But when we shop online, e-commerce portals to increase their customer base usually shower us with a number of offers. This technique benefits the customers like us to shop more effectively, and also helps to save some extra cash.

3. Convenience

Nobody wants to leave the comfort of their homes after a long tiring day, and go through an uncomfortable shopping experience, in a crowded marketplace. Improving the quality of enhanced shopping experiences, e-commerce portals allow us to purchase anything, at the comfort of our homes, for example, e-commerce stores like WAKI, based in Saudi Arabia, enhance our shopping experience by providing us comfort and quality. Shopping from a traditional store is not at all easy, as the entire process is exhausting and time consuming.