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Thread: 12 principles to grow your business

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    12 principles to grow your business

    1. Time is everything
    2. Brand, brand, brand
    3. Put to scale your sales
    4. Invest in technology
    5. Stress for success
    6. Hire the right people
    7. Focus on your sources of real income
    8. Reduce your risks
    9. Be adaptable
    10. Focus on your client's experience
    11. Invest in yourself
    12. Always think about the future

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    Very nice ideas you have shared with us for growing the business. Nowadays, it becomes very easy because there are so many ways to do business and get knowledge about how can we grow our business in a very good way. well, I really like your points "focus on your client's experience and about the brand" because whenever we start to do business there we need to know about the client's experience and at that time we have to give the services according to it only.

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    The following mentioned are very useful principles to grow the business. Everyone has to perform these principles in their business growth. I follow these principles in making clone android applications with the help of the clone script service which is the best online business.

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    I would add also some ideas as:
    1. Good marketing
    2. Very good SWOT analysis
    3. Hire good specialists
    4. Love your co-workers
    5. Take examples from bad marketing campaigns and do better
    6. Use tool for productivity as LEAN or something
    7. Focus on your sources of real income
    8. Invest in security
    When you done all these steps, you will see the growth of your business and always keep your business secured, don't forget simple things on your c-workers computers as VPN (good known as NordVPN Teams,) Anti-Virus (choose trustable as Avast), password manager (KeePas) and security learning courses for your team. Stay away from hackers and good luck.

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