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Thread: What is Google New Update in 2019 on SEO?

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    What is Google New Update in 2019 on SEO?

    Hello Everyone, I used this forum last 2 months. Here I get more senior person about digital marketing fields and SEO. My question about what is latest SEO Strategy to Get Ranking Website on Top within 3 months. How I can make perfect strategy during this google updated.

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    Increasing the quality of your posting contents, making your site secure

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    Google makes nearly a thousand changes to its search algorithm every year.

    Most changes are minor, however from time to time their roll out a major one.

    However if you pay attention to them you’ll notice most of them are focused on improving the algorithm by increasingly improving the way they measure human interaction with your site.

    Which means ... if you want more traffic from Google you’ll need to get more traffic from social media sites, and not for ads but for your content, other words, you need them to stick around, share, and interact with your site.

    You can not create low-quality ghostwritten content and expect to rank in Google.

    To rank in Google you need to create a website that has authority and is seen as trustworthy.

    In 2018 Google focused a lot on analyzing the quality and trustworthiness of web pages and domains. Before this you could adjust title tags and play with internal links and see rankings improve, even if the website wasn’t known as an authority.

    However that no longer works today!

    Today they pay attention to reputation and credibility of both the website and the content creator, as well as user experience.

    This is why a lot of updates focus on page speed and switching to mobile.

    For 2019 the trend will most likely continue so to improve rankings in 2019 you’ll need to look at both on- and off-site content and how you can improve them.

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    quality both on and off page content can matter most for ranking in 2019.

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    June 2019 core update is the new google algorithm update

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    There are lots of update in june 2019, Learn search engine journal and search engine land blog.

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    Many Updates in This current month because Google is always making a change, recent update was about no follow attrib, they will stop allowing No follow the link and instead of that they used UGC attrib.

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    Google rolled out another core update. The update measured at 97F on MozCast (fairly high, but not historically high) and seemed to impact sites affected by previous core updates. Google did not provide many details.

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