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Thread: Please rate my site and portfolio

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    Please rate my site and portfolio

    Could you please rate both my site and portfolio?
    Any ideas what can I improve?

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    Too much animation for me... On your home/about page - it'd be interesting to see the animation STOP when you you scroll down to read the content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve R Jones View Post
    Too much animation for me... On your home/about page - it'd be interesting to see the animation STOP when you you scroll down to read the content.
    I didn't feel like that on the home/about page but I think it would be better if the animation stopped on the other pages since it was already seen.

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    I like the design and the animation but the site doesn’t grab me.

    A good website grabs hold of me and forces me to stick around. It convinces me that my life would be better, more complete, and happier if I just owned what they are selling and yours doesn’t do that.

    The problem is with the content …

    Its boring, I don’t care about who you are or what you do, I only care about what you can do for me.

    My name is Pawel and I am a HTML5 banner developer.
    I don’t care ...

    I can provide you with the best quality service in a creation of animated banner ads.
    Does nothing for me.

    Maybe if you asked a question or said something that made me think ...

    “Web Site Designs, SEO, and Internet Marketing - They're All Supposed To Achieve The Same Goal - Move Products And Make Profits!
    So Why Do so Companies Fail to do this?

    Or something like …

    How would you like to Outmaneuver, Outwit, Out Market and Outsmart the Competition?
    I'll get straight to the point.

    Just my two cents ...

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    Its not really clear where you want your visitors eyes to go to first .The big animation seems distracting.

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    Small comment but "Price Tariff"? Not language I would use to communicate

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    I visited your website and I really like the content of your website because that is useful for me.

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    I really enjoy the presentation and design of your website, however when i searched for it on Google it was hard to find because it showed up on one of the later pages. My website struggled with this same issue and been if that I was un able to bring in a lot of people onto my website.
    Just recently I was contacted by SEOBlaze and they claimed that they could get my website onto the 1st page on Google. In less than two weeks with there service i was able to see triple the amount of people come to my website.

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