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Thread: All-in-one seo pack vs Yoast

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    All-in-one seo pack vs Yoast

    Which is the better wordpress plugin in between All-in-one seo pack vs Yoast, please share your view ?

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    In my oersonal opinion as a web designer a business owner and a seo consultant I have used both WordPress plugins. All in one seo has fewer options and doesn't really go as in depth as yoast. Whilst yoast is a great tool most people webmasters are not good enough with seo to utilise it to its fullest potential. I have many times disregarded some of the suggestions given by yoast in favour of my own experience as a seo consultant and have seen better results. If i had to choose i would choose yoast... what i do is use yoast alongside either tools.

    A tool is only as good as the person using it. NEVER count on one tool to make it all work.

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    SEO is important for just about anyone with a WordPress site. Plugins help to make every site owner’s job just a little bit easier, user-friendly and more visible to search engine. There are a variety of plugins that attempt to be the go-to SEO solution for WordPress users as-
    - All-in-One SEO
    - Yoast SEO

    Organic traffic remains one of the most important channels for website traffic and thus SEO one of the most important tools to grow your site. The decision between Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO Pack is one that almost every WordPresser will face and the source of many online discussions. Finally chose All-in-One SEO

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