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Thread: What is the most profitable business to start in 2019?

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    What is the most profitable business to start in 2019?

    Hello Everyone,
    As we all know AI and robots are the way to the future, a majority of the Venture Capital firms and tech investors are closely eyeing to identify top startups which can change the world as it is now.
    How can you filter out the ones that can be called ‘Best Startup in 2019’?
    Any suggestion will be appreciated

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    What im am seeing alot of people doing is becoming a middle man in business. Taking the top aposts on google and advertising other businesses for a fee is one example. Offering quotes from ten design firms when you asked for one. You could try be innovative but in this day and age the chances are low as so much has been done. Instead i would focus on a good idea and see if there isnt a way to provide that service or product better. here is a blog that covers some business trends from our industry
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    I decided to buy cryptocurrencies for three reasons. First, I sought to support the potential it had to realize free, open markets--which I deeply believe in. Second, the more I learned about the technology, I realized how much promise it had in bringing massive waves of change. Finally, I wanted to keep learning more and I knew the best way to do so would be to have some skin in it. Simply read more about pbft blockchain and try to get as much info as possible.

    In other words, I'm not in it to make a quick buck. My investment is not in trading and flipping assets. It is in the future that is digital, transparent, unregulated, secure, and accountable.

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