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Thread: Is blogging a good business?

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    Is blogging a good business?

    I'm from Brazil. I'm working on the optimization project for a Brazilian site and would like the opinion of some forum member.

    In Brazil the summer is very hot, so products like beach chair, for example, are marketed.

    I thought about the strategy of creating a blog with articles about the Brazilian summer, and of course, mentioning the products of the store.

    Do you think this strategy is interesting or is it best to optimize just the categories of beach chairs?

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    1. It helps your site's SEO.
    2. Blogging brings more visitors to your site.
    3. Helps lead generation.
    4. Puts you as an authority in your industry.
    5. You stay top of mind with your audience.
    6. Writing content that your audience values promote sharing.
    7. Starts conversations with your audience.
    8. Cost effective marketing.

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    It seems a good idea. The success depends on the content you are writing for the blog. How authentic, informative and engaging is the content will decide the fate of the blog. If content will be good then people will definitely click on the links of products recommended. Social media plays an important role in the success of content marketing, so use social media wisely.

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    Yes Absolutely fine, Products or service success depends on the customize and unique content writing to boost awareness about your service or products. Peoples read blog and article to known about the product information then purchase or rating it. So Business Blogging is an essential strategy of online marketing to grow your business. A business blog is a marketing channel that helps businesses increase visibility online, brand awareness, blog subscribers, and support business growth.

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    I think Yes, Blogging is very beneficial for a website, You can get traffic through blog It gives many more benefits.

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    Blogging is very important for any website, You can drive traffic through blog which gives many more revenue.

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    Yes, Blogging is best content marketing techniques to advertise your website online.

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