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Thread: Is blogging a good business?

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    Is blogging a good business?

    I'm from Brazil. I'm working on the optimization project for a Brazilian site and would like the opinion of some forum member.

    In Brazil the summer is very hot, so products like beach chair, for example, are marketed.

    I thought about the strategy of creating a blog with articles about the Brazilian summer, and of course, mentioning the products of the store.

    Do you think this strategy is interesting or is it best to optimize just the categories of beach chairs?

    In this case, the important category of the store is https://www.lazershop.com.br/praia-piscina/cadeira/

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    1. It helps your site's SEO.
    2. Blogging brings more visitors to your site.
    3. Helps lead generation.
    4. Puts you as an authority in your industry.
    5. You stay top of mind with your audience.
    6. Writing content that your audience values promote sharing.
    7. Starts conversations with your audience.
    8. Cost effective marketing.

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    Well, it can be, why not? This strategy is interesting and yeah it can be optimized for the categories of beach chairs.
    A blog can define and represent your business to potential customers. Having a business website that gets a lot of traffic won’t do you much good unless that traffic is going to generate sales. In general, you need to drive the right traffic to your website if you want your business to grow. Your potential customers are looking for simple solutions and good recommendations. Research indicates that 57% of the purchase decision is complete before a prospect even contacts the supplier. Your prospects are doing research online well before you hear from them. And that is why you need a blog on your page.I believe you are aware of all these things already. One more thing it is a reliable web hosting provider making you to be sure of generating traffic process. I'd call Zomro.net Their plans include nice networking features that make your business easier to run

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