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Thread: what are outbound links in seo?

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    what are outbound links in seo?

    what are outbound links in seo?

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    The Links that are going outside from your website/blog, known as outbound links.

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    Outgoing towards the site link that contains the address of the web page, which is located outside of it. In other words, an outgoing link is always to a page located on a third-party resource.

    Any link with inbound and outbound: it all depends on the role of two of the linked links — it will be outgoing for the donor and incoming for the donor.
    Each link has the ability to transfer weight, which is one of the main factors in the formation of web pages (its importance) and has a significant impact on their position in search results. The same goes for outgoing.

    Therefore, doing SEO-site promotion, it is desirable to control the number of outgoing links - there should be a minimum. If you can’t get rid of some of them, you should consider using the rel = '' nofollow '' attribute, which, although it will make them inactive (not clickable), will close the indexation by search engines. But the next quality links with thematic authoritative resources should be as much as possible.

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    Outbound links, also called external links, direct visitors from pages on your website to other sites on the Internet. Unlike inbound links, which send visitors to other pages on your website, outbound links send visitors to entirely different sites. If another website links to you, it is considered an outbound link.

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