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Thread: How i start eCommerce site

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    How i start eCommerce site

    hello guys i already have experience in seo and made some progress with it but i need to manage eCommerce store and built one to to learn more an making money how could i started

    plz tell me your experience and feedback

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    it all depends on what kind of website you want to have.

    If you are aiming at easy to manage and simple website then I would recommend just signing up on Shopify and start from there.

    If you are aiming at the long-lasting good website then I would just chose magneto or WooCommerce and work hard on them, or just let other companies do it if you don't feel like you have enough experience.

    All depends on your budget and idea of the store. If I was in that position I would start with Shopify and then after the site is working and you have clients you can just transfer it to magneto when you have enough capital or just save up for a good site, to begin with.

    Still, it's up to you. If you want me to extend on some subject please let me know.

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