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Thread: Business tips for small business owners

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    Business tips for small business owners

    Heya guys i took some time to write this my first shot a proper blog post, let me know what you think. Online Business tips Also If any ofyou have ideas on how to build a better brand awareness, i know there are tons pf articles nline and ive read many of them, but youknow sometimes some business owners know things ( little gems ) that arent in top ten lists haha

    TO any mods not sure if we are allowed internal links on post if not i apologise and please remove.


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    I have a feeling that English isn't your native language... Get a professional to proofread your site...

    "We have many different online social media platforms, and as a marketing tool is is extremely powerful. As users consumers and other businesses spend so much time on social media its a key place for your start up to be present."
    I've bolded the issues in just this one paragraph.

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    I appreciate the feedback. We can all afford that kind of service, proof reading and copy writing I mean. I am not that bad with english, truth is I am lazy when it comes to writing because of everything else I do. I do however see that it creates a view of a uneducated idiot behind the website, despite facts or content,

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