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Thread: Conversion Rate is Going Down

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    Conversion Rate is Going Down

    I have an e-commerce website and deals in electronics products like battery, inverter, stabilizers, solar panel and more. On our website daily 500+ customers visit to buy products, but very few customers (i.e 20-30) showing their interest. So here my main concern is that how to increase website conversion rate so most of the customers purchase products.

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    Maybe try describing your products better with better quality photos. Or maybe competition is too high in your field. Or maybe you need to try new tactics. Remember that social media, SEO and paid ads are really powerful tools.

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    You are getting the good amount of traffic but conversion is not happening. Now you need to focus on increasing conversions in order to make some profit.

    There are 2 ways you can approach to this issue:

    Increase traffic to your store so that you'll make profit with same conversion rate
    Optimize conversion rate so that you'll make profit with same traffic
    Obviously, you should focus on a mixed strategy to have better profits. So you need to do a root cause analysis of customer behavior. Ask these questions to yourself -

    - Why people are abandoning the carts

    - Which pages / products are having maximum exit rate

    - What combination of products people are purchasing

    - Why visitors are leaving the website and which pages are the culprit

    Use a good analytics solution and try to find out answer to above (and many more similar) questions. Act smartly to eliminate those causes and you will see a surge in your conversion rate.

    I recently posted a blog on similar topic, hope it will help you: https://www.iqlect.com/blog/5-tips-t...age-customers/

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