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Thread: SEO Guide "How to dominate Google in 10 steps"

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    SEO Guide "How to dominate Google in 10 steps"

    1 - What is SEO?
    How does Google work? Why should I take SEO seriously? If you have these questions you should read this point where we explain everything you need to understand the dark world of SEO before getting into it.
    2 - Factors that influence SEO positioning
    There are more than 200 positioning factors, at this point, we will identify the most influential factors in search results such as authority, usability, social signals or the technical aspects of a website.
    3 - How to make a web optimized for SEO
    Loading speed, duplicate content, cannibalization of keywords or keyword stuffing are some of the concepts that must be clear when optimizing the SEO of a website. We will analyze each of them in depth.
    4 - Keyword research
    The search of keywords is one of the essential steps when optimizing a web page. In this, we will study how the user searches the web in the search engines and how to choose the best keywords for your website.
    5 - Competition analysis
    Knowing your competitors and knowing their strengths and weaknesses is essential when thinking about an SEO strategy. Improving your positioning will be a breeze after reading this chapter.
    6 - How to generate links for SEO?
    The Link Building is a key point in an SEO strategy, we will teach you to understand what it is and how to generate links naturally through different actions and strategies.
    7 - Vertical search engines
    YouTube is the second search engine in a number of users, the SEO for images, videos, news or Apps are increasingly important within a strategy to be able to diversify the content and reach more users.
    8 - Tools for SEO
    It is very important to know which tools are best suited to your work, in this, we analyze the best SEO tools and plug-ins that will optimize and accelerate your processes.
    9 - How to measure SEO results
    It is very difficult to know if an SEO strategy has the expected results or not, in this chapter, we will teach you to measure the evolution of traffic, the user experience and how to know if our content is optimized.
    10 - How to make an SEO report
    After knowing the results of a campaign it is very important to know how to present them in a way that they understand. Choosing the right KPIs knowing what the client is looking for is essential to give a good impression of your work.

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    This would have been a good post w few years ago. However with over 50 thousand websites popping up each day applying these same thecniques, do you really believe that ranking number 1,2,3 is even relevant anymore. Do you know what the odds of that are? You are competing with sites that have been around for ages, sites with more money than you... if this is you online strategy they would eat you alive. Go where you clients are forget google and establish a small local market first. Adwords can be one way and gmb listings another. We are in the age where no websites become massive anymore. They get bigger until a bigger company absorbs them . I dont recommend to anybody to try rank in google ive had it and its very overated.

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