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Thread: How to convert Html file to wordpress theme...?

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    How to convert Html file to wordpress theme...?

    is there any tool to convert HTML files to WordPress thems

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    HireWPGeeks is the best service provider for conversions. You can hire our services to convert any HTML template to WordPress theme easily with affordable rates.

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    It is quite easy if you have little knowledge of PHP. It is very good project for a beginner to covert a HTML5 webpage to a WordPress template. You just need to put PHP code (which include WordPress functions) in the HTML template. Exploring a pre-installed template (twenty-fourteen being the latest) 'll be very beneficial for starting. But mind that you will need a very good webhosting provider to satisfy needs of your renovated website. Give a try to https://zomro.net/. Their plans contain many useful e-commerce-friendly plans and their prices are competititve.

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    IF you have a html based website the easiest way to do this would be to get a generic empty theme like twentyseveteen. Then install a page builder and start copying your html based website.
    The proper way would be the re write the template files of the website theme in php to call your html. There is no tool that will directly convert it for you. You can as suggested above use the wodpress codex to start from scratch but thats going to be a ling process

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