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Thread: How to Sell Herbal Products In US

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    How to Sell Herbal Products In US


    I have 5 products in herbal format, weight loss, sleep aid, joint pain, stress & anxiety and sexual wellness. We have used ingredients in good quality and price is very low, also i have website (name removed) and its very good design and format.
    But did not sell any kind of products yet. We have provide diet plan free.

    Kindly suggest me.

    Taylor Ruth

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    Your products are unregulated by the US Government and could be made of anything... I've used a couple of them in the past and have always purchased from a local trusted retail store.

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    How to promote or sell herbal products in US

    You could easily try to sell your product through digital and online but in herbal mlm or direct marketing will be more effective. As herbal sort of products might be new in the market which is why they might feel difficult to accept and hesitate to understand while if someone clarifies their doubt personally they might be interested in it and might surely invest in it for their family. These type of products were also difficult to sell in India.

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