The international company offers a vacancy for a professional marketer for cooperation in the field of market analysis, product or competitor. This is an online agent vacancy with key skills: knowledge of languages and rich experience in providing invaluable services on a global remote site (over 60 countries).
The main advantages for choosing the best candidate will be the ability to monitor, diagnose and microanalyze the international market from anywhere in the world, from Asia to the US.
The three main aspects of working through the service are:
Guarantee of payment at the expense of the "Safe" service.
A modern and reliable type of payment after the completion of the project.
You initially receive a part of the cash payment under the control of round-the-clock arbitration.
Portfolio management: rating and completed projects.
Each project is your new investment in skills development, as well as the level of earnings.
International projects.
The opportunity to always make money. Constant flow of new projects with interesting tasks.
Pros of an online marketer:
Free schedule for cooperation.
Choice of rates, projects of different levels.
Implementation of one-time or permanent projects.
Permanent income when working from the spot.
What we expect from the future online agent:
Important: the availability of higher education. To quickly find information and build new connections. You should easily navigate in the field of marketing, like a fish in the water.
Priority, a high level of proficiency in several languages (English is required, beginning with the level of Upper-Intermediate). You will often have to deal with foreigners according to the choice of the country and the region. You will be the representative of our company and negotiate on our behalf.
You must have excellent skills in the field of market analysis, competitors and product. You act as an independent online agent who independently decides the setting of priorities and issues.
Experience in the organization of a working day (time management) is required, taking into account the full control of its work. You get the task, the subsequent communication takes place at the level of submission from you reporting on your successful activities.
Your main tasks:
Organization of a collection and analysis system.
Full support and control of the integrity of the data.
Competitive analysis of the international market platform.
Forecasting the model of the payback market.
Maintaining a database for reporting on the collection of marketing information.
Update information (weekly, quarterly, annual).
Active participation in maintaining the life cycle of a product in a particular country.
Search and analysis of new products, suppliers according to the segmentation of the territory.

We need representatives in every city. We are looking only for the pros. More in detail: