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Thread: How often do you change your prices? Seasonal or based on your competitors?

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    How often do you change your prices? Seasonal or based on your competitors?

    as e-commerce retailers, how do you approach these two different strategies? Which one do you think is more effective?

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    it depends on the product you sell, competitors, and policy

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    Changing pricing of the products depends on different factors like -
    - How much discount you can afford in order to remain profitable
    - How much your competitors are selling for
    - If you are expecting a surge in order due to some festival and or season then how much price you can lower but makes relatively better profits.

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    It depends on the products you sell online or offline. Sometimes, for making a good position in the market, the business owner never changes the price of the products. I think, they should not.

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    It depends on you that how you want to sale Seasonally or Regularly.

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    This is quite a difficult one. Unlike real world stores eCommerce sites can pop up overnight and undercut the prices have on your website. They have a saying in the real wolrd of business not that online isnt real. Undercutting is a shortcut to the grave, this mens if you drop your prioce he will drop his and you will drop yours until nobody makes money. Google and facebook are two big online entities that have done it right if google presents a product online that is cheaper than facebooks facebook will create a product that offers more value, so try that try oferring more value to your clients instead od changing prices compared to competitor websites. Also make sure you are making a profit and lastly seasonal changes like yearly for inflation puposes its ok to add 5 - 10 % most people expect this. We do this often with our graphic and web design services.

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