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Thread: Digital Transformation in Business

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    Digital Transformation in Business

    Hello friends,

    What is Digital Transformation in Business? Have any idea about this???

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    You wan't to know about Digital Transformation in Business.
    Because digital transformation will look different for every company, it can be hard to pinpoint a definition that applies to all

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    Digital Transformation in business is nothing but incorporating digital technologies in business activities and processes in a strategic way.
    Technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine learning(ML), Internet of Things(IoT), AR/VR, Chatbots, Public cloud, Private cloud, Mobile Technology , Big data analysis helps to transform business and improves productivity.

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    Thanks for the detail

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    It's the digital era. Everything is getting digitalized, from small scale to large scale business. Digitalization helps to incorporate digital technologies to a business function in order to automate its functionalities and thus improves the overall efficiency of the business process.
    In short, digital transformation could deliver

    * Simplified business processes
    * Integration with latest digital technologies
    * Better data management
    * Helps in decision making
    * Improved productivity
    * Enhanced customer experience
    * Increased sales and profit

    Here is a source to a DMC software solutions developed for digitalizing travel business.

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    I would not say digitisation provides simpler business solutions n every business niche, in many but in some not. However they still undertake the change because going digital will as you say simplfy processes reduce raw material usage, and overall reduce resources to produce and extend whatever service or product a business offers and this alone is good enough reason to change.

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    What I understand from digital transformation is that, whenever organisations move from their conventional mode of operation and management to the modern and technology oriented ways of operation is known as digital transformation. From automation, logistics, software to medical every industry is adopting digital transformation. Main technologies contributing towards digital transformation are IoT, AI and RPA. You can read more on how these technologies drive digital transformation here https://thinkpalm.com/blogs/internet...ransformation/

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    Digital transformation is different for different types of businesses. You have to deep dive into your area to find out the ways to digitize your daily tasks. For example, if you spending a lot of money on marketing you have a look at digital marketing, if you are running a companies with lot of employes you can use any CMS software to look after data and if you are using fleet in you business the you can you telematics to take care of all needs related to vehicle tracking.

    So it all depends on what type of business you have.


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