How to build natural backlinks?
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Thread: How to build natural backlinks?

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    How to build natural backlinks?

    I want to build natural backlinks for my IT website how it is possible and Why people promote my business?

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    You can use blog posting, it is popular way to get backlinks.

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    Forum posting, blog comments, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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    If its for seo purposes or to boost your website ranking, i wouldnt bother. Google is slowly killing the value of blog, forum backlinks . Webmaster are selling backlinks now as things become more deprate, however google does not credit these either. What google is doing is pushing everybody into paid advertising. Adwords is where you will end up and its where most websites will end.
    I would work on a solid social media strategy or word of mouth or other marketing streams other than google unless you have the money to spend on adwords. Lond gone is the time of ranking websites with these types of links.

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