I think my site is awesome
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Thread: I think my site is awesome

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    I think my site is awesome

    This is my site for aspiring entrepreneurs, tell me what you think

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    The popup is the first thing that would make me leave your site. You are trying to convey information, but the context in which the articles on your website are written offer no clear value to a user. Your titles need to offer value and be distinguished "meet the librarian who started a business empire" should be something like "Struggling to start a business ? Meet the.... " You are addressing a problem that is common among entrepreneurs and offering them a solution. Users come to your website for solutions. The website is responsive which is good, has a decent loading time and im sure in time you will add more content. Your learn more button on your Bio doesnt work , rather remove it for now. Be careful of ads, they can dilute what your page is about and make it seem busy. Overall i good site though well done

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