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    Smile I would like to ask you rate my E-commerce site

    I would like to check out my site and let me know your view due to design and functionality. I hope that you'll find it quick to load and easy to use.


    Thanks for your time!

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    Nice site.. Stange name... I spent more time looking to see if there's a history before the name...than I did looking at products.

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    Thanks a lot for your review.
    OLPR that is abbreviation of the founder name - Oleksyn Prannyk

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    Your responsive design stops working at 350px , there are lower resolutions . ''
    Maybe not SUCH a big problem.

    The site visually you can see was not designed by a graphic designer , the typography , especially in the heading is off. I font se any branding or colour scheme , no cohesion from one page to another. Your information is laid out in
    Experiment with fonts , outline a font as you have instead put a shodow or a underlay beneath it to make it pop.
    Get a colour scheme , something that flows across all pages and ties them together as one, it doesnt have to be blue or red or anything mainstream just something other than black and white.

    long text paragraphs , users dont read that .
    Break you text paragraphs up to about 150 words each , consider the use of headers and sub headers to further break up the content, use bold spans or colour to highlight important pharses for skim readers. Try to put a little more emphasis on the logo .

    ITs a good site i know what it takes to make something like this , alot of work you are almost there. The hard part is done

    I cannot be all negative , the filter options are spot on ( its what users want ) so i like that, search function working is a plus. More images when you hover over product plus. Sale tag as a Call to action plus.

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    Nice clean looking website in my opinion, love the layout of the website, same to its functionality especially on how you showcase your products. reachable categories and user-friendly website.

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    The overall site is fine but this is an eCommerce based website, i guess you must have some discounts or promotions, bring them to the front and if you don't have then create some because all the eCommerce based website giving so many discounts, promotions or even give aways.

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    I love the design and the site as a whole! Also, I received 10% off if I do a purchase and it popped up on my screen immediately, which is always a good move to attract customers! Good job!

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