Dear all,

I am Lea Baumann and I am currently researching (online) networking on professional social media sites (such as LinkedIn). The survey is the first project step of my dissertation and it is supposed to give an overview of factors influencing networking behavior in order to specify future project steps. The main goal is to build a scientific basis for the improvement of contact recommender systems on professional social media sites.

Therefore I am looking for participants who are either employed full-time or part-time or who are currently looking for a job. However, only people who have entered their professional lives i.e. no students. Also, it would be great if you used an online business network since the study focusses on online networking.

The survey is completely anonymous and voluntary. It will take approximately 20 minutes. As a little thank you I give away Amazon vouchers worth 20 for every 10th participant.

Here is the link:

Thank you and best regards,
Lea Baumann