We need some business owners for beta testing.
We created a product called Tap2Pay that answer on a need.
We need eccomerce from USA to try this product for free now, check it and see how we can perfect it. We want to launch the product when it will be finished.

Yes, you might call this post a "spam" or you could try the product and let us assist for no charge to get them more revenue and get them ready for Black Friday.

The need is: You want to sell your product, and you want the potential client to pay on the spot.

What you are probably doing now? Sending him to your deposit page, the potential client gives up and leave his cart abandoned.

What Tap2Pay gives you? We just launched a bot that assist the customer in his payment process in Messenger without leaving your Facebook page at all. You can even contact him after his purchase and create a cross-sale or an up-sale.

What else Tap2Pay have to offer you - you ask?
* Up-to-date dashboard with live statistic
* The ability to pay from Viber, Telegram and even QR-Code
* Mobile responsive which will lead to an instant payment
* Amazing payment process operated by a bot, an experience that the customer has never seen until now.
* Instant connection trough Facebook with connection to popular payment processors and Paypal
* Recurring payments to your customers
*And of course high-level secured payment

We with much love and support invite you to try our product and see how good it is:
Use these details:
Credit Card: 4111 1111 1111 1111
Exp: 11/19
CVV: 111

We ask you kindly to enter to our website/facebook/service and read more.
We are not generating money now, only beta testing our product and listen to our potential clients.
Let us a small start up, rise and shine with this wonderful community.

Thank you very much, we appriciate your hospitality.