Hello Community Members!

If I may shortly pitch my shopping cart solution for merchants who might be interested in a quick and easy way to start selling online. It is hassle free and there is no need to change your existing website's design or framework.

plug&paid is a cross-platform compatible shopping cart solution, which can seamlessly turn any website or social media page into a shop.

Convert your page visitors into shoppers.

With distributed commerce in mind, a plug&paid shopping cart can be deployed across multiple locations on the web in the form of a customizable button, link or widget - nicknamed ‘plugs’. We provide a system generated HTML snippet or a shortened URL as a direct link to the merchant's shopping cart, which can then be simply copy-pasted inside a website's source code. Not more difficult than installing an affiliate advertising banner.

We support multiple payment processors for our merchants such as PayPal, Stripe, Alipay, Bitpay and offer almost all eCommerce essentials, such as automated EU compliant invoicing and digital content delivery, in one packaged solution.

Why not try our free Trial. Your feedback and criticisms here would equally be appreciated. Thank you.

Watch the video: youtu.be/1gbgbjaNJog

Kind regards,