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Thread: Content writers and Web developers

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    Content writers and Web developers

    Ive recently come across a issue , i developed a website for a client, its been a few months ans the client cant seem to make u her mind in what she wants for her website. I offered advice as a have a decent knowledge of SEO , social marketing and all the rest ( you kind of have to when you are competing in serps for web design queries because all of your competition knows seo too ).

    Anyway she enlisted the services of a content writer , i went and looked up the site of this person , a WordPress site ,not even fully responsive , using a yoast plugin.

    I phoned her since we were now to collaborate , i had no issue with this but over the phone she told me i need to supply her links of my work, so she can see if i can work with her !!! i was insulted. I need to prove myself to somebody who clearly doesnt know what they are doing. My seo and content is far Superior to hers , the site i had created for my client has Superior structure and ranking than this "Seo Content Writer" site.

    She then told me hat if she uses another developer my footer credits will be removed , fortunately this woman never paid in full for her website and i am now going to decline the rest and take the site back as i have 3 clients waiting for websites.

    My question is in future if somebody has paid in full can a content writer contract another developer and simply remove my copyright on the page? Because i have worked with one before and i know they sub contract to developers. Is there a clause i can add to my contract to protect me from this?

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    how can she remove your copyright ? was this in the contract? I am content writer too and never let anyone use my content like this.

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    [QUOTE=FinRestore;57669]how can she remove your copyright ? was this in the contract? I am content writer too and never let anyone use my content like this.

    YOu know its quite ironic , i just had a copyrighted pull me into a project. I thought to myself how ridiculous would it be if i asked her for her credentials like had been done to me lol.

    When i had left the site ( handed it over it was 2 nd ranking for its 3 main queries . This was from onpage seo alone. Her moz rank was hiher at that stage than the home site of the content writer.

    I never did offpage seo on the site as it takes time and the client didnt seem to ready to get into that. Obviously this content writer has started the off page seo since she is a marketing specialist, as i read from her site. I see some content change were made too. The site has dropped to the 3rd page withing 2weeks. You see its a static html with 2 pages onverted into php to migrate to wordpress. Since she used yoast she can only use it on those two pages ( not that i think much of yoast ).

    I also found out that they are old friends.


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    As for youer question apparently it is law that once the site is purchased it belong to the buyer and they can do with it whatever they want ( which is fair ) . I just think its a bit unethical to do that. I do now however have a clause stating that upon full payment of the site the client agrees that the credit link shall remain unchaged until such time as all content and elements created, added or adjusted by "my company" is changed.

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    that's a wild story

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