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Thread: How to find clients

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    Anybody tried with streaming?

    Hi, I try with healthy food business and decided to start with streaming. What do you think about platforms like https://on.live ? Anybody tried? It's free so I can see no risk to try with it.

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    Along with promotion, try to focus on serving your current client as they will definitely share their positive experience. That will bring more client to get your services.

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    Finding new clients is a very hard task for a promoter and every marketer want to see their brand name on a high level but somewhere it is very hard for them because they need to spend a lot of money for getting their brand name out there in a very short time. Well, there are so many ways to get new clients by that you can easily promote your business:-
    1. Run an ad campaign
    2. Generate Leads
    3.Productize your services
    4. Have an SEO strategy
    5. Speak at industry conferences
    6. Make creative business cards

    But if you want to get the result very soon and want to really promote your business then you can use the best selling promotional products where you can imprint your brand name over the products and can hand out among the audience. After some days, you can see the result because whenever a person will use your products then your brand name will be reminded by them and come to you very soon.

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    So if you are interested to purchase out the best selling promotional products then PapaChina can be the best place for you because they are one of the famous wholesaler of promotional products and can get the latest promotional items for attracting the people.

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    I think that, in 2019, best choice of strategy is to bet on:
    a) Content marketing (blogs, social media, videos)
    b) Advertising in online platforms (Like Google Ads or Facebook Ads)
    c) Landing pages with dedicated offer - you can use tools like WIX or Wordpress for that.

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