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Thread: How to register a new business in ontario?

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    How to register a new business in ontario?

    Hi everyone,

    I am Thomas Yung residing in Ontario. I have migrated to Canada in 2015. I am working as a cleaning staff in a restaurant nearby Wabakimi Provincial Park. It's really a low pay drudge work and I have decided to quit.

    Now, I am planning to set up a commercial cleaning business. Operating as part of a franchise might be the way to go since I am very much concerned about the stability of the business. This could provide the security that comes with operating under a known brand that has already experienced a level of success. I am unaware of the formalities and procedures that should be followed to register a business venture. My friends suggested a few online business consultancies providing assistance in registering a new business in Ontario. Please help me find a good one. Thank you!

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    Procedures that should be followed to register a business venture in following steps:
    Step 1. Choose a name for your business.
    Step 2. Conduct a search or searches for your chosen business name to see if another business is using the name you've chosen.
    Step 3. Register your business name.
    Step 4. Register for whatever other licenses, registrations, or certifications you require to legally operate your business.
    Step 5. Upgrade/renew your business name registration as required.

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