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    Who can explain what does it mean "real-time bidding"? Or RTB

    Hi everyone,
    from time to time I heard about real-time bidding vs programmatic. Can someone explain by human language all algorithm of it?

    Thank you

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    Hi mogulpass,
    Ok I will try to explain by human language )))
    What is RTB Marketing?
    RTB marketing refers to real-time bidding for ads on such platforms. The idea is to make bidding for ads more efficient, real-time, and automated so the publisher does not have to worry as much about when or where to market their products. RTB marketing has become a very big tool for a wide variety of companies that seek to market their products more effectively. The key reasons this method of marketing has become so popular are automation, set parameters, and cost.
    Real-time bidding has the benefit of being completely automated. As it will be talked about later, this is done through set parameters. Automation allows you to not have to worry about when or where to bid for space. The set parameters look for the best platform based on your needs. You will be able to get more effectively viewed space on websites based on your budget.
    Set Parameters
    You will be able to set parameters based on what you need when you use an RTB platform. This means you can set the time to bid, where you will bid (for what audience is best for your product), and how much you want to spend. These parameters are important because they will determine how effectively the marketing is done. You must be sure you choose carefully for what your product needs to thrive. The essential investment is the most important aspect of this type of marketing.
    Cost is something that is important to every publisher. Most of the london advertising agencies
    put a great deal of emphasize on this factor. You will find that RTB marketing has become very cost effective. In the early days of this type of marketing you would spend a lot money, but as it has grown and expanded it has become widely accessible. This means it has also become much easier to pay for. You pay for what you need and it comes to specific places that will better utilize your money and time.

    I do hope that I answered your question .
    But if you still have - do not hesitate to ask
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    Nice information about RTB. Thanks for sharing.

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    Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is a method which allows advertising inventory to actually be sold and bought on an effective per-impression basis, through programmatic auctions which are reminiscent of financial markets.

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