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Thread: Duplicate meta tags?

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    Question Duplicate meta tags?


    One of our client website have duplicate meta tags repeated all the pages of website. What type of SEO problem come to website in future if could not remove that?. Please give your suggestions.

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    You mean to say all the meta tags across their entire website are the same? That's bad news! A small amount of duplicate content isn't the end of the world (although it should still be avoided), but that level of duplicate content will lead to penalties from Google. The solution is simple: re-write the meta tags.

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    You have to remove Meta tags from your site to keep it safe from Google Penalty.

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    Duplicate meta tags affect website ranking. Because it will come under content duplicate which Google totally deny. According to the algorithm also use unique content for every page of the website.

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    The meta tag should be unique for each page therefore if you have any duplicate meta tag then you should remove these tags

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    Google's Panda algorithm gives your entire site a quality score, and if you have unique meta data you will get a better score and rank betting in Google.

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