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Thread: Moving to the cloud

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    Moving to the cloud

    I run a business in Toronto. Last few years have been hard for us. We are trying real hard to stay afloat. Even though we were able to recover up to an extent in the recent time's operational costs are weighing on us.
    I stumbled upon this article. While I was researching for methods to reduce operational costs. This actually seems to be a great thing for our company. But still, I have a lot of doubts about moving the business to cloud.
    Will it be worth it? (I am not thinking about long term right now. Since we hard on money right now.)
    Will it cost a lot to set it up? (If the initial costs are too much I can't afford it.)
    Also, comment your opinions about this cloud computing service provider in Canada and suggest me some other companies who provide the same service in Canada.

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    There is no doubt Cloud Computing is most adopted technology, and it is because it adds the freedom to run the business at own terms.Some benefits that makes it must-have technology are:

    Flexibility: It offers opportunities which helps in diversification and expansion of a business.
    Work from Anywhere: Easy accessibility, share your work from anywhere at anytime.
    Security: Cloud hosting provider secure your data store in cloud with advanced security standards.
    Disaster Recovery: Data recovery is done without any incurring infrastructure expense.
    Improved Collaboration: Work can be accessed virtually anywhere on any device
    Better control: Virtualized resources and automated services can be controlled.

    And last not the least, these all factors contributed to overall cost reduction. Along with this, no requirement of extra hardware, resources and manpower, Automatic & free software updates and pay-as-you-go option makes cost expenses extremely lower than traditional systems.

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