Magento or OpenCart - Which is best for eCommerce website?
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Thread: Magento or OpenCart - Which is best for eCommerce website?

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    Magento or OpenCart - Which is best for eCommerce website?


    I know both are good for development but which is best. Do you know?

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    I'd still go with Shopify.

    However, if I had to choose then I'd go with Megento .... as I understand it's more open for development customisation.

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    Magento is more powerful opensource for ecommerce business. Especially magento 2 is amazing.

    According to my experience and office report, most of our clients started migration of their bigcommerce, shoify, xcart, opencart to Magento 2 platform

    And one of the main issues clients facing that magento versions releasing by one by one very instantly. There it is very tuff to get proper extension right time

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    They have a lot in common, both are open source, developed in PHP, and free-to-download, they support multiple languages and currencies... Magento is more popular.
    One of the greatest differences is in the simplicity,Magento requires an programming knowledge and technical expertise, while OpenCart is considerably easier to use and manage.

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    I prefer Magento, for my needs it's perfect!

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