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Thread: How can we market the products?

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    you can market your product by using various techniques such as traditional marketing and online marketing
    nowadays online market is more preferable due to the affordability of the user
    online market can be done by paid marketing and organic marketing
    paid marketing can be done by google ad words and other mediators who charges to advertise your products
    organic marketing can be done by SEO which includes on page optimization and off page optimization

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    There are many options to promote your products or new services. You only need to create your strategies to get started with endless options. From them, figure out which one is better for your business.
    - Market your business through social media. Post and share the relevant content and attract your viewers.
    - Email marketing is also a good way to tell about your offers to your customers.
    - You can host an event to get people physically into your business.
    - Run ads on social media and make your product known.

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