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Thread: Which Social media channel is best for marketing ?

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    Facebook & Instagram is the best social media channel for marketing purpose. Get huge traffic to a website with an increase sales.

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    Hey there,

    In your case SMS marketing should work better.
    Statistically, 95 percent of SMS are read within 3 minutes of being received. Apparently, this time period is even less when it comes to taxi cab arrival notifications, as people generally wait for them.

    So, in the annuals of marketing there is no medium better suited for a taxi company than text messaging, with its convenience and immediacy.

    Currently there is a great variety of different SMS marketing services, however the most reliable and cheap are TextMagic, EzTexting, TextLocal.
    I hope that might help you

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    Facebook is one of the best social media tool. I have a experience that has getting good traffic through facebook campaign.

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    Social media marketing is a great way to market your product or services to your target audience and spread brand awareness. Because a huge number of people uses various social media channels, it's easy to find your target audience and prospective customers with social media marketing. Facebook and Instagram are top-performing social media platforms, apart from that, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc are also good. It depends on your marketing plan that which platform you want to target. You must follow social media strategies before using social media marketing for customer engagement.

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    Smile Facebook is still so far the best, here is a quick one on how you can grow ur biz.


    The Step-by-Step Guide On Using Facebook Ads To Grow Your Business and Dominate Your Local Market!

    One of the most common questions that most local business owners struggle with is: “How do I invest in my marketing the smart way”?
    No matter at what stage you are in your business, a plateau is eventually going to hit and you need to find ways to still be relevant in the local market.
    Most business owners don’t see marketing as an investment into growing their business but more of a gambling game.
    I’m sure you’ve been guilty of this train of thought as well:
    “OK, I’m making X amount of revenue each month now. I can afford to spend 10–15% of it to get new customers through the door now because I will still be fine afterward if it doesn’t bring results”.
    And that’s the catch with marketing your business. If you treat it as a gambling game, it will treat you back as a gambler and provide you with inconclusive and poor results.
    But when you start asking the right questions like: “Ok, how can I allocate the current resources I have to 10X my business in the next months”?
    That’s when you start treating the process like a proper growth strategy and not some zero-sum game.
    Growing your business can be SUPER challenging with the continuous changes in the any industries you are in. You often struggle to break even financially even if you own your practice. You want to get a steady flow of leads coming in the office.
    In the following guide, I will show you my strategy on how to promote any business with facebook ads without throwing money in the black hole of advertising and how to become the #1 Business Authority in your local area.
    It’s a 3-step system based on Facebook Ads, Sales Funnels, and Marketing Automation. Let’s get right to it.

    Request for the full pdf file of this article today for free

    Email my at tuconsults@gmail.com or on my personal email at tubless8liers@gmail.com if you have any question whatsoever. You can also visit my Q&A website right now to leave a note right there, at www.guruforumz.com.

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    Social media channels are used by almost all of the marketers to grow their businesses. There are so many social media platforms that can be used by businesses. You need to analyze your business needs to select the perfect channel that best suits your business. I have compiled a list of the most popular and effective social media channels. If you have the ability to manage social media platforms then you can also choose more than one site.

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    For me is Instagram

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