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Thread: Starting an ecommerce store, which platform to choose?

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    I have built multiple ecommerce with both platforms.

    Shopify: Best if you do not know how to program and want something done fast. It is more expensive and expect about >50$ per month + % fees when you sell something. Also each time you want to add a functionality you will need to pay for modules. SEO is pretty good (if you know how to use it). Shopify is the "ford" of ecommerce. Learn more about shopify ecommerce here https://avada.io/

    WooCommerce: It's basically a plugin for Wordpress. It won't cost you anything if you already have a website with wordpress. Integration with any payment (strip, paypal, etc) is easy and Woocommerce doesn't take any fees. SEO is also pretty good (if you know how to use it). Wordpress is the "Volkswagen" of ecommerce

    Prestashop or Opencart: Build a few of those but you need the technical skills and a server should be setup properly. Way better in term of backend functionality (already build in). This is probably the "Lexus" of ecommerce

    Magento: This is packed of functionalities but require skills to setup properly and will need constant maintenance, Magento also provides us with a lot of useful extensions for our store too. For example, https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-quick-view/ (increase user experience). If you need a big store with thousands of items then this is what you need. This is definitely the "Ferrari" of all ecommerce.
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    Today, there are dozens of e-commerce platforms. They differ in functionality, ease of use, scalability, and the size business they serve. In addition, some of these platforms are open source and free while others come with monthly payments.
    In our opinion, there are at least three platforms most suitable for making an e-commerce website for small businesses. These optimal choices are Shopify, WooCommerce, and OpenCart.

    These options are the best if you need to create a website with a small/middle budget or have not much time.

    - Shopify is a SaaS platform. This means with Shopify you get free hosting, round-the-clock support from the provider, and a fully functional online store that will grow along with your business.
    - WooCommerce, as well as WordPress, is a free open source product that is a perfect solution for e-commerce startups and small businesses that have decided to move their business online.
    - OpenCart is a free CMS. It can be easily downloaded under a free license from the official website. To set up an online store with OpenCart, a business owner will only have to pay for a domain name and hosting.

    Full information about it, you can find here

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